Artetite Muralist Toledo Ohio Beautification Project

Author: Chad Watt

Being a graffiti based artist/muralist many look at the word graffiti as being Derogatory and is a misconception because of the medium in which artwork is being created, Not all aerosol graffiti is negative or the intentions of all graffiti writers is to destroy or vandalize. The Beautification Project will be an opportunity to express collaborations of artist and talents.

Toledo, Ohio like any other city has its ups and downs and businesses are affected leaving some in ruins ran down vandalized and are left as eyesores to the community residents, Other businesses are just in need of a simple face-lift we need to bring color, and life into neighborhoods doing this can build community moral, eliminate gang graffiti/vandalism and most importantly it makes the neighborhood a safer place for kids. 7134097_orig

Artetite Muralist wants to create a Toledo Ohio Beautification Project having artist paint murals around the city. But we need your HELP to make this happen spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors to follow and support this “Beautification Project” contributions are welcome. Please Visit For The latest updates on this project