She said “what’s your sign?”

By: Makeeba Ellington

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The perplexed facial expression he had clearly expressed his curiosity. He then said ”Leo…why do you ask?” She gave a knowing look and said “Oh…that explains a lot.” For those of us who are only familiar with our Sun Signs we can sometimes think that Astrology is only a small article in the back of a magazine or the entertainment section in the newspaper. Well I’m here to tell the untrained that it is sooooo much more.

The very first time I ever heard of a Rising Sign I was with my daughter’s father at a friend’s house. While D was upstairs talking with his friend I sat downstairs with the friend’s mother. As soon as I sat on the couch she asked me” What time where you born?” Fortunately, I knew that…(unfortunately many people don’t) I’m sure many would think that this is not very important…however, I would highly suggest that if you are at all interested in understanding a very intricate look at what motivates your approach to life you should consider finding out a little bit more about astrology. After her looking in some really old book that she had she explained that I was had a Virgo Rising. I think I was asking her what that meant before she even finished speaking.

She went on to explain that many of us only know our Sun sign which is determined by the month and the day you were born, but the other planets were in a certain placement when you were born too and those have a part to play with how you show up in the world. I remember instantly resonating with what she said. That made sense to me even though I was taught growing up that Astrology wasn’t a science and it had no validity. She continued by telling me that your Rising sign was what position the sign was rising during the time you were born and, the moon sign was where the moon was positioned in when you arrived. Those two signs the Rising sign and the Moon sign tell us two things about ourselves.

The Rising sign tells you how you see yourself and the Moon sign tell us how others see us. So for example I’m a Gemini with a Virgo Rising and Moon. This means that even though much of me is like Gemini there is even more of me that relates to Virgo. It is how I see myself and how others see me; I often experience hearing that I don’t seem like a Gemini. After many years of researching, reading books, and seeing Astrology finally being consider an actual science I can reflect back on the day that I began my journey to understanding and accepting myself and others with a much more open approach. This road to discovery may not be for everyone but for those who are open I say go for it and see what you find.