Nina Morena’s Top Releases of 2013

My top releases of 2013 in no particular order and why!tumblr_inline_myoevb2EmX1qzrvu8








The Internet – Feel Good

Quite simply one of my favorite releases this year.  It’s hard to listen to an LP from A-Z and love every track.  I don’t think Sid The Kid has the best voice but the music compliments her style.



Eric Lau – One of Many

I’m a sucker for compilations and beats and Eric Lau dropped this one earlier this year quietly.  I found myself adding this to my daily rotation.



Amel Larrieux – Ice Cream Everyday

Normally I’d say she will “over-skat” a song and we forget what song she was singing and how long ago she started it.  I was afraid to listen but Ice Cream Everyday was one of Amel’s best efforts.  It’s a great release and has love written all over it.



Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady

I honestly did not think Janelle could woo me again but she did.  I’m officially a Stan but more importantly this LP showed Janelle’s ability to flip her musical styles with each song and tell a story. Now I expect greatness everytime her name appears.


Quadron – Avalanche
If you don’t know who Quandron is this is a great introduction LP.  Right from the start “LFT” is a banga.  Trust me Quadron needs to be in your rotation.
Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Pt. 1

Normally Top 40 artists will not make my list but this LP had me playing it so much I heard it in my head even while sleeping. Don’t bother with Part 2 because it sucks. #truestory
Bilal – A Love Surreal

Bilal is one of those artists who gets better with time.  A Love Surreal was just a beautiful LP from start to finish.
Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Rarely do I get excited these days about releases but this year Janelle Monae & Daft Punk had me up at midnight ready to make purchases.  I’m a Nile Rogers junkie so this was one of my favorite all over the place releases this year.  It didn’t hurt to add Pharrell Williams on two of the tracks either.
Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit

I found myself getting lost in his voice.  There are few artists who just make me smile.
Jhene Aiko – Sail Out

I loved the whole attitude with this record.  I can’t wait for a full fledged release from Jhene.
Honerable Mentions:
Snarky Pupppy – Family Dinner Vol 1.
The Foregin Exchange – Love In Flying Colors
Zo! – Man Made
Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio 2
Frank McComb – Remebring Donny Hathaway (LIve At The Bitter End) [DUDE SOUNDS LIKE DONNY WHOA)
Mayer Hawthorne – Where Does This Door Go